Reports & Articles

Presentations (2000-2009)


  1. Presentations on LACES
    1. Introduction to LACES
    2. Various Updates on the Progress of LACES
    3. Annual Reports
  2. NIATx Process Improvement (Phase 1)
  3. NIATx Process Improvement (Phase 2)
  4. Engagement and Retention
  5. The Spread of Methamphetamine Use
  6. Numerous trainings and presentation on the ASI and ASI data
  7. Methamphetamine Special Funding Evaluation Overview
  8. SACPA Report Presentation
  9. Prop 36 versus Drug Court
  10. Methamphetamine vs. Cocaine Treatment Outcomes
  11. Site Report Overview
  12. Introduction to the Clinical Narrative Report and Discharge Outcome Report
  13. “Research on Addiction and its Treatment: Where we are and where we’re going.”