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The Los Angeles County, Department of Public Health, Substance Abuse Prevention and Control (SAPC) selected the UCLA Integrated Substance Abuse Programs (ISAP) to design and implement an on-going evaluation system which will assess the overall effectiveness of services provided by SAPC-funded alcohol and drug service providers to adult treatment participants.


Given this intent, the UCLA Drug Abuse Research Center has identified the following goals:


  • To assess the overall effectiveness of the alcohol and drug services treatment/recovery systems.
  • To assess the effectiveness of specific service modalities and service components.
  • To assess program performance and client outcomes.
  • To assist SAPC in the development on a performance management system.

As part of the evaluation, providers are trained in the use of the Los Angeles County Participant Reporting System (LACPRS) – an assessment instrument designed to measure changes in the functioning of treatment participants at admission and discharge. The LACPRS was revised to include the elements necessary to make it consistent with the California Outcomes Measurement System (CalOMS). Additional information will be collected in order to further evaluate the Los Angeles County treatment system. The information may include rates of counselor turnover, alcohol and other drug (AOD) abuse treatment training/certification, number and type of treatment services provided to the client, and ancillary services offered.


LACES will use the information gathered from the LACPRS admission and discharge questions and the available encounter data (number of individual and group counseling sessions, case management, drug testing, and dosing – for narcotic treatment programs) to develop a performance-based management system. Pilot studies will be conducted to determine the performance guidelines and these guidelines will then be used to evaluate treatment programs. For those programs that fall short of the guidelines, training and technical assistance will be offered with the intent to bring that program’s performance into alignment with the established guidelines.


LACES has demonstrated the benefits of drug and alcohol treatment and provided a wealth of data on clients, client outcomes, alcohol and other drug treatment services, and program effectiveness in Los Angeles County. It is expected that in the future, LACES will expand to assess and evaluate other aspects of the treatment system in Los Angeles County.


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